Peak Oil


Michael Moore talks to Larry King about Peak Oil

30 Apr 2008
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Spurred by a viewer's question about gas prices, Michael Moore talks about the breadth of the problem of peak oil: petroleum is not just a fuel, but a feedstock for most of the material bases for our life.

Richard Heinberg's MuseLetter #193: It's Happening

28 Apr 2008
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In this month's MuseLetter, Heinberg shares some material from his upcoming book on coal. Also included are his May column for The Ecologist magazine ("What Car do You Drive?"), a Foreword that he wrote for the new edition of Mat Stein’s brilliant book When Technology Fails, and a brief blog for the Post Carbon Institute website.

Gail Tverberg: The Expected Economic Impact of an Energy Downturn

10 Apr 2008
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Gail Tverberg is known on the website The Oil Drum as Gail the Actuary. She created this presentation for a public health program called "Converging Environmental Crises: A Teach-in on Energy, Climate Change, Water, Agriculture and Population." It explains the large economic changes that even a minor energy downturn could cause. Transcript available.

MuseLetter #192: Resilient Communities: A Guide to Disaster Management

03 Apr 2008
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The following is a proposal to help make communities better able to respond to the coming economic shocks from resource depletion, beginning with Peak Oil, and perhaps also to shocks from other causes (such as the ongoing subprime mortgage and credit collapse). Making existing petroleum-reliant communities truly sustainable is a huge task. Virtually every system must be redesigned—from transport to food, sanitation, health care, and manufacturing.

Peak Moment: Energy Independence - America's Road Not Taken

21 Feb 2008 | |
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Energy researcher Glenn Rambach's charts show how America budgeted forenergy independence following the OPEC embargo in 1973. Then the Reaganadministration switched to having "the market" create researchincentives, so federal funding declined severely. He says we've lost 30years, are spending in the wrong places, and need to get back toserious research in energy development. ( Episode 98.
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Ken Livingstone - Peak oil “opportunity” for London Mayor

28 Feb 2008 |
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Peak oil is not a threat but an opportunity to force through the policies needed to combat climate change, according to London Mayor Ken Livingstone.


Branson acknowledges peak oil

24 Feb 2008 |
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In an interview with Global Public Media, Sir Richard Branson told journalist David Strahan that aviation could be made “truly sustainable” at the launch of test flight fuelled in part by coconut oil. But the Virgin boss conceded that meaningful supplies of alternative fuel might not be available before the advent of peak oil, which he said could happen within six years.

Oil production constraints to cause "huge recession"

21 Feb 2008 |
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The world will have to suffer a deep economic downturn before serious attempts are made to kick the oil habit, according to Robin West, chairman of Washington based oil consultancy PFC Energy.


KunstlerCast #1: Drugstores

18 Feb 2008 |
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In this new weekly audio feature called "The KunstlerCast," author James Howard Kunstler and interviewer Duncan Crary explore the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl, with oil depletion as its backdrop. The first program takes a critical look at the American drugstore. With transcript.


Reality Report: Daniel Lerch and Post Carbon Cities

01 Feb 2008 |
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The Reality Report interviews Daniel Lerch, author of Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty, the first major local government guidebook on peak oil and global warming. The interview opens with a discussion of the responsibilities and roles of local government, where important decisions are made regarding land use, transportation, water systems, schools and emergency services. It reviews how systems thinking can be used to understand the impacts that "energy uncertainty" will have on basic government services, and covers what some local governments in the U.S. and Canada are already doing in repsonse to peak oil. With transcript.