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Peak Moment: Oil and Gas -- The Next Meltdown?

02 Oct 2008 | |
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Drawing parallels with the current financial meltdown, Matthew Simmons, the CEO of Simmons & Company International, expresses his alarm about gasoline stocks being the lowest in several decades and refinery production down following recent hurricanes. He warns that if there were a run on the "energy bank" by everyone topping off their gasoline tanks, the U.S. would be out of fuel in three days, and grocery shelves largely emptied in a week. In an interview plus excerpts from his presentation at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO-USA) conference on September 22, 2008, Matt highlights the risks and vulnerabilities in the finished oil products system, and answers audience questions. Episode 130.

Richard Heinberg's Museletter: Various Musings

29 Sep 2008
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This month's issue is a compilation of several recent short writings. The last of these, a set of frequently asked questions about Peak Oil, is a work in progress that will appear in expanded form at Museletter #198.

Debbie Cook: Abandon 19th Century Fuels and Move Toward 21st Century Reponses

25 Aug 2008
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Mayor, U.S. Congressional candidate, and Post Carbon Institute Board member Debbie Cook tackles U.S. discourse on energy issues.

Reality Report: David Holmgren and (Part 2)

14 Jul 2008 |
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The Reality Report interviews David Holmgren. David co-invented permaculture over 30 years ago and has been a practitioner and teacher ever since, both at his home in Australia and as a consultant around world. This second installment covers four "energy descent" scenario groups that correspond to potential variation in the severity of both peak oil and climate change. Scenarios are also viewed as choices, with certain factors, such as social scale and resource availability, influencing the descent path. With transcript.

San Francisco Peak Oil Town Hall Meeting: What's Happening With Oil?

04 Aug 2008 |
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The San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force is conducting a series of virtual town hall meetings from August 4 through August 20 to help educate the people of San Francisco on Peak Oil and how to prepare themselves and their city for it. This first meeting covered the introductory groundwork on Peak Oil.

Ron Cooke: The Perfect (Economic) Storm

10 Aug 2008
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Ron Cooke, the Cultural Economist, gives a meteorological description of the perfect economic storm he sees on the horizon.

Richard Heinberg: Oil Price Falls! Peak Oil a Non-Problem!

07 Aug 2008 |
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Two weeks ago, oil was soaring toward $150 a barrel; now it’s nosediving to $120 and may even see $100 again. Popular discourse is eager to use this as evidence for dimissing peak oil.  Not so fast, says Richard Heinberg. 

Business Matters: Surviving the Oil Crisis

12 Jul 2008 |
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The Business Matters radio program interviews Matthew Simmons and Daniel Lerch in an exploration on the subject of Peak Oil.

Peak Moment: Calm Before the Storm

19 Jun 2008 | |
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Richard Heinberg, author of “Peak Everything”, reviews the acceleratingevents since mid-2007, including the credit crunch and fossil fuelprice volatility, noting that we’ve missed most of the bestopportunities to manage collapse. He asks, “how far down the staircaseof complexity will our global civilization have to go until we’resustainable?” His answer: when managed properly, with deliberatesimplification, not as far as we might otherwise. In addition to longterm efforts to relocalize our economies, he advocates developingcommunity “resilience” to withstand short-term catastrophic events likefood shortages or extreme weather. Noting that healthy fear can move usinto action, he encourages an attitude of clarity, concern and informedaction in this “calm before the storm” that he feels is soon coming toan end. Episode 115. With transcript.

Reality Report: Call-in Show

14 Jul 2008 |
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Today's Reality Report is a call-in show. Jason Bradford talks about climate change and peak oil, our understanding of history, and other topics with call-in interlocutors from Ukiah and beyond.