Peak Oil


C-Realm Podcast - Flashing Lights on the Console

05 Jul 2009 |
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KMO welcomes Albert K. Bates to the program and they sit down together for a chat with Richard Heinberg, author of Peak Everything. Albert admits that he's finding it hard to maintain his "soft lander" status in the face of mounting evidence, and Richard talks about the themes in his new book, Blackout: Coal, Climate and the last Energy Crisis.

Peak Moment: Corporate Couple Become Permaculture Activists

30 Apr 2009 | |
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Asking "wouldn't it be wonderful if our city could feed itself?" Joe Leitch ponders everybody in Portland planting a chestnut tree. Pam Leitch relates how they both left the corporate world after reading the book Your Money or Your Life. As educators on sustainability and resource depletion, permaculture and social justice, they soon learned of Peak Oil. Episode 143.

Terra Verde: Interview with Asher Miller and Tom Stokes

17 Mar 2009 |
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The depletion of oil and other finite resources is often forgotten when pondering environmental solutions.

Post Carbon Institute Executive Director Asher Miller and Tom Stokes, Coordinator of the Climate Crisis Coalition, explain why we cannot ignore peak oil.


World Bank Specialist: The 2008 Oil Price Spike and the Airline Industry

27 Feb 2009
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In July 2008, the price of crude oil reached an historical high level of US$147 per barrel. However, as a consequence of falling demand over the following six months, the price declined by well over 60%. This article, by Charles E. Schlumberger, Principal Air Transport Specialist of the World Bank, examines the causes behind the oil price spike, which has become a serious commercial threat to many airlines.


Peak Moment: Peak Oil - Politics, Geopolitics, and Choke Points

27 Nov 2008 | |
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These four presentations were taped at the ASPO-USA 2008 conference. Morey Wolfson's GoogleEarth presentation zooms into global Choke Points, primarily in the middle east. Jeff Vail discusses geopolitical elements to energy limitations. Tom Whipple describes ASPO resources and current energy strains. Terry Backer explains how to get a peak oil resolution through a legislative body. Episode 137.

Reality Report: Natural Gas Cliff and Credit Situation

29 Dec 2008 |
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In this edition of The Reality Report host Jason Bradford interviews Nate Hagens. Topics in this program highlight how the current financial melt down and impact the timing and severity of peak oil and natural gas--including the dreaded "natural gas cliff" as rigs go idle due to low prices. We discuss whether this means economic growth now over, and if so, how should societies adjust?

Peak Moment: Energy Investment, Energy Return

20 Nov 2008 | |
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Independent financial consultant Jim Hansen runs every investment through the "peak oil test". In this presentation from the ASPO-USA 2008 conference, he explores energy-related investments. And an interview with ecologist and professor Charlie Hall about energy return on energy invested. Episode 136.

Reality Report: Talking with Richard Heinberg about the Green New Deal

15 Dec 2008 |
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The global crises of 2008 all relate to growth in debt, pollution and consumption reaching their limits, but will the incoming Obama administration recognize the new reality? This show discusses "Energy Realism and the Green New Deal" with Richard Heinberg of The Post Carbon Institute. Hear what message Post Carbon Institute is presenting to the incoming U.S. President.

Peak Moment: Broadening the Peak Oil Conversation

13 Nov 2008 | |
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In further coverage of the ASPO-USA 2008 conference, Peak Moment features Robert Hirsch and Kyle Saunders, aka. Professor Goose on the Oil Drum. Episode 135.

Museletter: Memo to the President-elect on Energy Realism and the Green New Deal

04 Dec 2008
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Our 21st century nation’s dependence on 20th century fossil fuels is the greatest threat we face, far more so than the current financial crisis. A coordinated, comprehensive transition to an economy that is no longer dependent on hydrocarbon fuels and no longer emits climate-changing levels of carbon—a Post Carbon Energy Transition—will be the Obama Administration’s greatest opportunity to lead the nation on a path toward sustainable prosperity.