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Peak Moment: It's the Compost! Creating Abundance at K-JO Farm

08 Apr 2007 | |
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Karen Biondo and Joe Walling take us on a tour of their big-backyard farm on Vashon Island, Washington. Pet the goats, watch chickens dusting in divots, and crunch a purple carrot. Karen's colorful paintbrush and Joe's creativity with salvaged materials and hot compost combine to create plentiful harvests and playful beauty. Episode 55.


Peak Moment: An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability

10 Mar 2007 | |
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Tour Scott McGuire's White Sage Gardens in the back yard of his rental home -- a demonstration site for suburban sustainability. He ponders, "How might a household produce and preserve a significant portion of its own food supply?" Composting, a water-conserving greenhouse, and seed-saving are all facets of this beautiful work in progress. Episode 51.

Julian speaking

Julian Darley: "Relocalize Now!"

10 Aug 2006 | |
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Presenting in Port Townsend, Washington, the founder/director of Post Carbon Institute lays out the problem of "overshoot", highlighting the impending worldwide oil and natural gas crisis, with a snapshot of Washington State's energy profile. Relocalization is the prime strategy to reduce community fossil fuel dependence. Post Carbon initiatives include Global Public Media, the Relocalization Network, Municipal Toolkit, Energy Farms Network, and the forthcoming book Relocalize Now!

Peak Moment: Land Trusts - Keeping Local Agriculture Alive

12 Feb 2007 | |
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Land trusts are an important part of the voluntary protection of working agricultural lands, which can also protect water quality, habitat, and beauty, not to mention food production expertise. Land trust veterans Cheryl Belcher and Dan Macon, himself a farmer, discuss the critical role of small scale food producers in the local economy and the challenges they face -- from misperceptions of farming to policies favoring big agriculture. Episode 50.
Wally Satzewich

Deconstructing Dinner: Farming in the City I

31 Aug 2006 |
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As current farming practices are proving to be unsustainable in the long-term, urban agriculture is looked upon by many as being a critical shift that needs to take place if we are to ensure a sufficient level of food security in the near and distant future.
Thought for Food

Deconstructing Dinner: Thought for Food

18 Jan 2007 |
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Global supplies of grain at dangerously low levels. Biofuels. The farm income crisis. Corporate consolidation in the agriculture and food sectors. Absurd amounts of wasted food. Freeganism. Dumpster Diving. Food Miles. Is local food the most environmentally friendly food? A potluck of ideas to explore on this broadcast of Deconstructing Dinner. Inspired by the “Thought for Food” issue of the University of Waterloo’s Alternatives Journal.
100 Mile Diet

Deconstructing Dinner: 100-Mile Diet / Local Food Strategies

11 Jan 2007 |
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When the average North American sits down to eat, each ingredient has typically travelled at least 1,500 miles. On the first day of spring, 2005, Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon chose to confront this unsettling statistic with a simple experiment. For one year, they would buy or gather their food and drink from within 100 miles of their apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Peak Moment: Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

03 Oct 2006 | |
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Don Shaffer recounts BALLE's vision of local living economies ensuring that economic power resides locally, where it can enhance community life and natural systems--as a counter to economic globalization. BALLE's autonomous networks of local businesses initiate programs like "Buy Local First." Episode 46.
Bridging Borders

Deconstructing Dinner: Bridging Borders Highlights

19 Oct 2006 |
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Between October 7-11, 2006, participants from across North America gathered together in Vancouver for the Bridging Borders Toward Food Security Conference. Hosted by the Vancouver Food Policy Council, the conference was organized by the California-based Community Food Security Coalition and Food Secure Canada, a new Canadian organization.

Peak Moment: Suburban Renewal - One Backyard at a Time

04 Dec 2006 | |
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Jan Spencer shows his quarter-acre permaculture project transforming a typical suburban lot. Lawn and driveway were replaced with fruit and nut trees, vegetables, brambles, and native habitat, plus a 3500 gallon rainwater catchment system, a sunroom heating the house, and a small detached bungalow to increase residential density. Episode 37.