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Deconstructing Dinner: The Birth of a Farmers' Market

06 Feb 2008 |
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What happens when a city of 80,000 without a farmers' market hosts a trial market in this new age of increasing awareness of local food?


Peak Moment: Mendocino Renegade

24 Jan 2008 | |
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Els Cooperrider is an energetic lady. She co-founded the Mendocino Organic Network, which began an organic peer-certification service for local growers. Their Mendocino Renegade label means products are "beyond organic" and local. She also led Mendocino to become the first U.S. county to be GMO-free -- genetically-modified organisms cannot be grown there. Her eatery, Ukiah Brewing Co. & Restaurant, is America'sfirst certified organic brew pub, which serves seasonal local ingredients. Episode 93.


Organic farmer Jay Martin on community supported agriculture

17 Jan 2008 |
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Jay Martin of Provident Organic Farm in Maryland talks to GPM volunteer Brian Magee about the nuts and bolts of practically implemented community supported agriculture (CSA). Martin also consults for LESSON, Lower Eastern Shore Sustainable/Organic Network.


Deconstructing Dinner: The Colonization of the Canadian Farmer: Saskatchewan Farmers vs. Monsanto/Bayer

04 Jan 2008 |
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If you were told, that organic farmers are giving up growing organic crops, would you be concerned? The Saskatchewan Organic Directorate has since 2002 been seeking compensation for the damages caused by the property owned by American-based Monsanto and Germany's Bayer.


Deconstructing Dinner: Future of Food in the Kootenays Conference I: Overcoming Denial

20 Dec 2007 |
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Recorded at a regional food security conference in Nelson, BC, we hear from two keynote speakers and two elected officials on the current energy supply and demand balance, the imminent need to redefine local governance, mass migration, and a suggestion from one politician "to begin looking to political representation as a means to help politics stay out of the way of the interests of people!


Deconstructing Dinner: Future of Food in the Kootenays Conference

10 Dec 2007
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In November 2007, Deconstructing Dinner attended one of the first regional food security conferences ever held in Canada. With a population of less than 10,000 people, the City of Nelson, British Columbia, hosted over 250 people for the first evening of keynote speakers. With an equally impressive 170 in attendance on the second day of keynote speakers and workshops, the conference acts as an example for other communities wishing to begin organizing themselves to take greater control over the food available to them.


Richard Heinberg's Museletter: What Will We Eat as the Oil Runs Out?

03 Dec 2007
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Our global food system faces a crisis of unprecedented scope. This crisis, which threatens to imperil the lives of hundreds of millions and possibly billions of human beings, consists of four simultaneously colliding dilemmas, all arising from our relatively recent pattern of dependence on depleting fossil fuels.


Deconstructing Dinner: Co-operatives: Alternatives to Industrial Food III

02 Dec 2007 |
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The Heritage Food Service Co-operative is looking to reclaim greater control over the regional food system on Vancouver Island. Once producing 85% of the food consumed on the Island, Vancouver Island now only produces less than 10% of the food consumed! This new co-operative will challenge the common supply chain model whereby farmers most often receive the short end of the stick, and replace it with what is known as a value chain.


Deconstructing Dinner: The Eat Local Challenge

21 Oct 2007 |
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In Nelson, British Columbia, 150 residents pledged to commit to eating more locally throughout the month of August. We speak to seven of those who pledged and hear how they managed such an undertaking, what they learned from the experience, and whether or not they gave up!


Kinsale two years on

08 Oct 2007 |
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Klaus Harvey of Transition Town Kinsale (TTK) shares with Global Public Media's Andi Hazelwood the benefit of two years of experience in striving for sustainability in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland since the town's local council adopted the world's first Energy Descent Action Plan. Harvey talks about the food, transport and waste initiatives underway, and TTK's relocalization plans for the future.