The Lifeboat Show

The Lifeboat Show radio program airs on the third Monday of every month at 9:30 AM on on KMUN 91.9 FM and KTCB 89.5 FM Community Radio in Astoria. Also simulcast live on Featuring interviews, book reviews and banter about sustainable living, Caren Black and Christopher Paddon, of TLA, discuss life after Peak Oil with a little humor thrown in. Please check the current schedule on KMUN to confirm air times.

The show is an initiative of The Titanic Lifeboat Academy. As a member of the Relocalization Network, the Titanic Lifeboat Academy is a working demonstration site and non-profit education center promoting community-based, sustainable living practices, deep ecology ethics, indigenous energy systems and low-impact appropriate technologies in Coastal Oregon.



Lifeboat Show: Emergency Preparedness

16 Jul 2007 |
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Learn simple steps that could save your life, your family, and your neighbors. Find out in this two part program what community resources are available -- and unavailable -- and where to volunteer & get involved. Join us with guest speakers Vanessa Clarkson (American Red Cross), Patrick Corcoran (NOAA Coastal Hazards), Don Hillgartner of (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), Mike Jackson (Fire & Rescue), Tom Manning of (County Emergency Services Chief), and Deb Treusdell (Tsunami Prep. Specialist). Wherever you live, you will get important personal and family preparedness information from this inspiring show.


Lifeboat Show: Global Warming Crisis: Call to Action

18 Jun 2007 |
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Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury trained in Tennessee with Al Gore's first cohort of 50 climate change leaders pledged to give the award-winning Gore presentation to at least ten audiences, which Bradbury had already accomplished before we brought him to Astoria for two more. Between appearances, he appeared on The Lifeboat Show to discuss the need for government action on climate change, issues surrounding Oregon's forest management practices and deforestation, and proposed local LNG sitings. Crisis is also opportunity, and Bill calls for personal, business and political activism.

Lifeboat Show: Oh, NO! We’ve Been Elected!

21 May 2007 |
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Green architect, author, economist, feng shui-ist and local legend Tom Bender recounting his recent essay, "Oh, NO! We've Been Elected!" Connecting the dots between global warming and peak oil, and peak oil and culture, Tom draws on his own award-winning "Factor 10 Economics" for solutions to the question, "What can I do?" Putting Spirituality back into the equation is a good start, and Tom leaves us with a sense that this is going to be an exciting adventure in which we can all take part.


Lifeboat Show: The Salmon: Sign of Our Times

19 Mar 2007 |
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We explore the biology as well as the spirituality of this great fish, whose endangered ability to survive as a free and independent creature may well parallel our own, here in the Pacific Northwest. Without salmon, the ecosystem "unravels." What we do to the Salmon, we literally do to ourselves. Salmon expert, Scott Sebring of the Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife explains the intricate biology of this critical indicator species. Actor and master storyteller Peter Donaldson discusses the salmon-human connection. Acclaimed for his recent theatrical portrayal of Leonardo Da Vinci, Peter is well known in Pacific Northwest theater for his ongoing production, "Salmon People."


Lifeboat Show: Looking Back, Looking Forward

15 Jan 2007 |
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Local-global-cosmic. The start of a new year always seems to be a time for reflection and prediction. Mayors Gramson, Williams, Van Dusen and Larsen of Warrenton, Cannon Beach, Astoria and Seaside -- and City Manager Jerry Taylor of Manzanita join us in examining local trends. Richard Heinberg makes a personal visit by phone from California addressing national and international trends. And, then we "sail into uncharted waters" and talk with a student of behavioral psychology-turned-astrologer Bill Herbst for the cosmic perspective on the first decade of the 21st Century.


Lifeboat Show: Challenges and Opportunities of Peak Oil

18 Dec 2006 |
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Richard Heinberg speaking in Eugene, Oregon. Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as America’s foremost educator on Peak Oil, the economic condition that occurs when global petroleum production begins an irreversible decline as demand soars. Many experts have issued disturbing warnings of dramatic consequences within the coming decade. Professor Heinberg teaches at New College of California, on energy and environmental sustainability issues. He is the author of The Party’s Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies and Power Down: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World. He also publishes a monthly online newsletter at


Lifeboat Show: The Psychology of Denial

16 Oct 2006 |
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Garrison Keilor said, "Here in Lake Woebegone, we have the ability to look Reality right in the eye and deny it!" Global warming, resource depletion, and erosion of our economic and constitutional systems are realities many people would rather deny than discuss, and where does that leave the rest of us? In this two part program, psychologists Steven Berk, Mark Burdick, Dominie Cappadonna & George McClendon explore the divide between those who refuse to consider today's staggering challenges and those who inform themselves and then struggle to cope with both the difficult information and with those who remain steadfastly in denial of it.


Lifeboat Show: Joys of the Earth-Centered Sustainable Life

18 Sep 2006 |
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Kevin and Donna Philippe-Johnson are creators of the EarthStar Primal Habitat, a sustainable living model. Kevin & Donna have written several articles published on their website and in Countryside Magazine about how they left the 9-to-5 life behind, moved to "our little hut in the woods" as Kevin calls it, and are truly enjoying "happily ever after". On nearly no annual income, they have good health, abundant free time for creative activities, and a very peaceful life in harmony with the Nature around them.


Lifeboat Show: What You Need to Know About Wind Power

17 Jul 2006 |
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Everything you always wanted to know about the technology, feasibility, and economics wind power, but were afraid to ask. Christopher Paddon takes the mystery out of this amazing source of renewable energy that anyone can harness. Find out what the power of wind can do to help you and your community achieve energy self-sufficiency.


Lifeboat Show: The Importance of Saving the Right Seeds

21 Apr 2006 |
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Master gardener/master composter Jerri Cook, writes for Countryside Magazine. For those of you unfamiliar with all that Monsanto has been up to, this is a must listen. For those of you who already know, please check out this update. Seed saving has never been more important. We'll tell you why.


Lifeboat Show: Our Ecological Footprint

17 Apr 2006 |
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Dr. William E. Rees is an ecological economist and professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning and co- creator of the Ecological Footprint Analysis. The footprint model calculates the area of the Earth’s productive surface necessary to support a particular lifestyle or level of consumption. Dr Rees explains that our present level of resource consumption, coupled with our current population growth, exceeds Earth’s carrying capacity and, therefore, is not sustainable. Unless we change our consumption patterns now, modern civilization as we know it is doomed to collapse.


Lifeboat Show: The Company We Keep: Literally Building Community

20 Mar 2006 |
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In this two part interview, Master builder John Abrams, CEO of the employee-owned, sustainable design/build firm, the South Mountain Company on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass, and author of The Company We Keep: Reinventing Small Business for People, Community and Place, explores the role of small business in promoting community, creating social equity, and maintaining ecological balance.


Lifeboat Show: Handling the Corporatocracy

17 Oct 2005 |
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Caren Black and Christopher Paddon of The Lifeboat Show talk to Dr. Kevin Danaher on the subject of globalization.

Lifeboat Show: Richard Heinberg's Report From Kinsale, Ireland Peak Oil Conference

21 Sep 2005 |
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Caren Black and Christopher Paddon of The Lifeboat Show talk to Richard Heinberg about the Hirsch Report and Kinsale, Ireland.

Lifeboat Show: Living in a Post Carbon World

22 Aug 2005 |
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Caren Black and Christopher Paddon of The Lifeboat Show talk to Global Public Media's Director of North American Operations, David Room.

Lifeboat Show: Dealing With Our Lives After the Oil Crash

29 Jul 2005 |
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Caren Black and Christopher Paddon of The Lifeboad Show air and discuss portions of Matt Savinar's presentation on peak oil at the June 2005 Lifeboat Conference, and also read segments of Savinar's book, "The Oil Age Is Over".

Lifeboat Show: Why We Need to Relocalize Now

09 May 2005 |
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Julian Darley and Celine Rich are interviewed by Christopher Paddon and Caren Black of the Titanic Lifeboat Academy on the first episode of the Lifeboat Show on KMUN in Astoria, OR.