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Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians (Ottawa, ON) - The Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest public advocacy organization. Barlow is also the co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, which is working internationally for the right to water. She serves on the boards of the International Forum on Globalization and Food and Water Watch, as well as being a Councillor with the Hamburg-based World Future Council.


Water, The Blood of the Earth / Monsanto Pays Percy Schmeiser

20 Mar 2008 |
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Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians believes water is the greatest ecological and human rights crisis of our time. Deconstructing Dinner recorded her speech in March 2008. We also hear from Farmer Percy Schmeiser and an exclusive interview recorded only moments after Monsanto paid him for the damages their genetically engineered canola inflicted upon his farm.