Crop to Cuisine: Art Eggertsen Speaks on Humanity, Good Food & Animal Welfare

14 May 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine we speak with food activist, humanitarian, and animal welfare advocate, Art Eggertsen. Art has worn many hats during his long career in food and health. He joins us in the studio to discuss his accomplishments, his new projects, and his thoughts on the future of food in this country. We hear about lobbying for animal welfare, health, life in Utah, and the planned sustainable community called Entelechy.

Peak Moment: Local Living Economies - Protecting What We Love

11 May 2009 | |
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Judy Wicks' love of place, and of animals, has made widening ripples on a global scale...She has gone on to found BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), a national network of sustainable, small businesses that promote going local. (, ( Episode 144.

Peak Moment: Corporate Couple Become Permaculture Activists

30 Apr 2009 | |
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Asking "wouldn't it be wonderful if our city could feed itself?" Joe Leitch ponders everybody in Portland planting a chestnut tree. Pam Leitch relates how they both left the corporate world after reading the book Your Money or Your Life. As educators on sustainability and resource depletion, permaculture and social justice, they soon learned of Peak Oil. Episode 143.

Reality Report: Ben Gisin of Touch the Soil magazine

17 Nov 2008 |
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Ben Gisin is co-founder and publisher of Touch the Soil magazine, an agricultural magazine promoting resilient agricultural practices. He speaks with Jason Bradford about the crumbling industrial agricultural system and its close relationship with the global economy. With transcript.

Deconstructing Dinner: GE-Free Zones II: campaign launch with Percy Schmeiser

23 Oct 2008 |
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Part II of a series that is tracking the evolution of a campaign to create a region in British Columbia, Canada that will be free of genetically-engineered (GE) plants and trees. On this episode, we listen in on the July 10, 2008 official campaign launch of the GE-Free Kootenays campaign. Featured at the event was the most vocal and well-known critic of genetically-engineered foods, Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser.

To review: Reality Report episodes on food and energy

20 Nov 2008
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The Reality Report has aired a number of episodes having to do with food and energy. Here's a retrospective of shows on this important topic.

Deconstructing Dinner: Co-operatives: Alternatives to Industrial Food V (Common Ground Food Coop)

25 Sep 2008 |
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The Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, Illinois is a very promising and inspiring sign that communities can indeed come together and build or expand upon their very own co-operative grocery store.

Richard Heinberg's MuseLetter: The Food and Farming Transition

01 Nov 2008
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The only way to avert a food crisis resulting from oil and natural gas price hikes and supply disruptions while also reversing agriculture’s contribution to climate change is to proactively and methodically remove fossil fuels from the food system. MuseLetter #199.

Peak Moment: Cultivating a Suburban Foodshed

19 Aug 2008 | |
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Landscape architect Owen Dell has a vision: transforming suburban neighborhoods into shared "foodsheds" with food-bearing and native plants, and even chickens. Neighbors can start by finding edible plants already growing in their yards, maybe remove fences, plant what works best in each location. Best of all, share the resulting food abundance with one another and build the social network with shared food potlucks. Tour Owen's own edible landscape yard, including a rooftop container garden complete with visiting cat. Episode 123.

Reality Report: Low-Energy Food Storage with Sharon Astyk

31 Mar 2008 |
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The Reality Report interviews Sharon Astyk -- writer, teacher andsubsistence farmer -- about low energy methods for home food preservation and storage. Sharon is author of two books on Peak Oil and Climate Change. Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front is now available, and A Nation of Farmers (And Cooks), co-authored with Aaron Newton, will be available in Spring '09. (An improved rebroadcast.)