Peak Moment: An Inside Look at an Emergency Survival Kit

10 Aug 2008 | |
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If an emergency forced you to evacuate your home, would you be prepared? Matt Stein, author of When Technology Fails, shows what to pack in your 72-hour emergency survival kit — and why. Check out the first aid kits, sleeping bag and space blanket, LED flashlight, hand-crank disaster radio, portable stove and cook set, freeze-dried food, multi-tool, compass, water holder, and essential water treatment items; plus sewing, repair, and health items. Episode 122.

Lifeboat Show: Emergency Preparedness

16 Jul 2007 |
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Learn simple steps that could save your life, your family, and your neighbors. Find out in this two part program what community resources are available -- and unavailable -- and where to volunteer & get involved. Join us with guest speakers Vanessa Clarkson (American Red Cross), Patrick Corcoran (NOAA Coastal Hazards), Don Hillgartner of (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), Mike Jackson (Fire & Rescue), Tom Manning of (County Emergency Services Chief), and Deb Treusdell (Tsunami Prep. Specialist). Wherever you live, you will get important personal and family preparedness information from this inspiring show.