Deconstructing Dinner: Future of Food in the Kootenays Conference I: Overcoming Denial

20 Dec 2007 |
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Recorded at a regional food security conference in Nelson, BC, we hear from two keynote speakers and two elected officials on the current energy supply and demand balance, the imminent need to redefine local governance, mass migration, and a suggestion from one politician "to begin looking to political representation as a means to help politics stay out of the way of the interests of people!


Peak Oil Activists Gather, Plan for Hard Times, Will Lead the Way

28 Nov 2007
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Former professor and author David Korten told close to 300 applauding peak oil activists that they are not a fringe minority but the leading edge of a super-majority "and it's time we start acting like it." Korten issued his rallying call in October at the "Fourth U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions" where activists from 30 some states discussed ways to respond to declining oil production and other coming planetary woes. Korten joined a dozen other speakers in "Planning for Hard Times," the theme of the three-day conference sponsored by Community Solution at Antioch College.


Steve Andrews on upcoming Houston ASPO conference

05 Oct 2007 | |
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Steve Andrews of ASPO-USA talks with GPM's Julian Darley at the 6th Annual International ASPO Conference in Cork, Ireland. Andrews recaps the peak oil events of the last year and discusses the upcoming 2007 Houston World Oil Conference, happening October 17-20, 2007.


Planning For Hard Times: The Community Solution

26 Sep 2007 |
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Megan Quinn Bachman, Outreach Director for The Community Solution, talks with Andi Hazelwood of Global Public Media about The 4th Annual US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions: Planning For Hard Times on October 26-28, 2007. Quinn Bachman also discusses the impacts of the DVD, "The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil."