The Qingdao Ecoblock project: mass-produced sustainable living?

01 Jan 2008
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Chinese cities are experiencing explosive growth - much in the form of "superblocks" -- roughly 1km2 residential developments that can have anything from 2,000 to 10,000 units of housing in them --which are being built at a rate of 10-15 per day. This film is a case study of a proposed "ecoblock", which would be self-sufficient in water and energy.

Sheri Liao, Global Village Beijing

24 May 2007 |
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Sheri Liao is founder and president of Global Village Beijing, the foremost non-governmental organization (NGO) working towards a greener China. In this presentation to the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, she discusses the battle that Chinese environmentalists face when taking on polluters and unsustainable businesses, and outlines the ways in which progress is being made. Yes, there is an environmental movement in the world's most populous nation, and Sheri Liao is at the forefront.


Scientist David Fridley on energy, China and globalization

26 May 2007 | |
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David Fridley, staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses biofuels, China, globalization and high fuel prices with Global Public Media's Julian Darley.