To review: Reality Report episodes on food and energy


20 Nov 2008
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The Reality Report has aired a number of episodes having to do with food and energy. Here's a retrospective of shows on this important topic.

Low-Energy Food Storage with Sharon Astyk

The Reality Report interviews Sharon Astyk -- writer, teacher and subsistence farmer -- about low energy methods for home food preservation and storage. Sharon is author of two books on Peak Oil and Climate Change. Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front is now available, and A Nation of Farmers (And Cooks), co-authored with Aaron Newton, will be available in Spring '09. Sharon’s web site is

Raj Patel: the global food system

The Reality Report interviews Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System.
The interview reviews the historical development of the global food system, from 15th century England to the WTO and today's multi-national corporations. The discussion includes countervailing social responses to today's food crisis, such as the landless movement in Brazil to the CSAs of North America. 

Sharon Astyk on food and farming

How many farmers will it take to feed America as oil and natural gas supplies decline? Sharon Astyk is head farmer at a CSA in central New York, currently working on a pair of books with New Society Publishers titled Depletion and Abundance: The New Home Front, Families and the Coming Crisis and A Nation of Farmers. Sharon also frequently writes essays that appear on her website and elsewhere, check out

Local biofuels production

Kumar Plocher of Yokayo Biofuels and Chris Hansen of the Post Carbon Institute's Local Energy Farms discuss production of local biofuels—what are the options for crops, land, processing and distribution?

The Myths of biofuels

In this edition of the Reality Report, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory staff scientist David Fridley discusses "The Myths of Biofuels" - specifically liquid biofuels geared towards transportation. He is part of Lawrence Berkeley's Energy Analysis Program, Environmental Energies Technology Division. The EAP generates and interprets information to inform governments and international institutions on energy-related issues to assist in the formulation of energy and environmental policies.

Author & Locavore Jessica Prentice

Today's guest on the Reality Report is Jessica Prentice, cofounder of the Locavores, a San Francisco Bay Area group that gathers it's food from within 100 miles of where they live. Prentice is also a professional chef and author of the book "Full Moon Feast", a culinary tour through the year that details the history of food in different cultures. Her website is

The Community Solution and "The Power of Community"

Megan Quinn and Pat Murphy of The Community Solution discuss their new film, The Power of Community-How Cuba Survived Peak Oil.

Eric Brende on the agrarian life

Eric Brende was an MIT graduate student who questioned the value of too much technology. So for his thesis work he spent 18 months in a retro-Amish-Mennonite community in America's heartland. Can a suburban kid learn how to farm and get along with the neighbors? Is the agrarian life dull drudgery, or is Eric's family "Better Off?"