The New Machiavelli? Leo Strauss and the Politics of Fear

Leo Strauss

14 Mar 2005 |
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Leo Strauss was a political scientist at the University of Chicago, who specialized in ancient philosophy. He died in 1973, but the German-born professor is widely credited with influence far beyond the ivory tower. That his ideas govern the government of the United States, particularly its foreign policy and so-called "war on terror." Yet, beyond academic circles, most people know little about the man.

Michael Enright of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) discusses the extraordinary contemporary influence of Strauss on the American right with political scientist Shadia Drury about Strauss.

Shadia Drury is both a scholar and a critic of Strauss, and has written several books and articles about the man and his ideas. She holds the Canada Research Chair in Social Justice at the University of Regina, where she teaches political science and philosophy.

From CBC Sunday Edition

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