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Peak Moment: Brookside Farm - Growing Food, Growing Energy

05 Jun 2007 | |
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Take a whirlwind tour of the one-acre Brookside Energy Farm with Jason Bradford and Christoffer Hansen at planting time. Along with perennials, annuals, a food forest, and dryland crops (grains), they're growing Jerusalem artichoke and dale sorghum to produce both food and energy (ethanol). Watch Chris cut sod with a Swiss glaser hoe -- a 1/6 horsepower guy! Episode 62.


Peak Moment: Fossil Free by '33

13 Apr 2007 | |
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Tam Hunt outlines a strategy for regional independence from fossil fuels -- and it centers around electricity. Start with efficiency & conservation, add renewables to replace fossil fuels for electricity, then add more renewables to electrify transportation such as plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The result? A program "to save America's Environment and Economy one region at a time." Episode 56.


Peak Moment: It's the Compost! Creating Abundance at K-JO Farm

08 Apr 2007 | |
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Karen Biondo and Joe Walling take us on a tour of their big-backyard farm on Vashon Island, Washington. Pet the goats, watch chickens dusting in divots, and crunch a purple carrot. Karen's colorful paintbrush and Joe's creativity with salvaged materials and hot compost combine to create plentiful harvests and playful beauty. Episode 55.


Peak Moment: Sustainable Ballard: A Blueprint for EveryTown USA

03 Apr 2007 | |
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David Wright, Vic Opperman and Andrea Faste are "making ripples around Puget Sound" by empowering folks in their northwest Seattle community of 70,000 around "the one issue that unites us" -- energy. Sustainable Ballard volunteers educate, facilitate, and collaborate -- working with businesses and organizations on projects like going carbon neutral, a "Vehicle to Grid" conference, and having fun, too! Episode 54.


Peak Moment: Community Responses to Peak Oil

24 Mar 2007 | |
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Peak oil educator and author Richard Heinberg discusses what communities can do to prepare for peak oil. He covers transportation, including a novel ride-sharing scheme, assessing municipal vulnerabilities, local food and energy production, as well as the Hirsch report's conclusion that 20 years will be needed to make an energy transition -- very possibly more time than we have. Episode 53.


Peak Moment: Return of the Electric Car

11 Mar 2007 | |
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Otmar Ebenhoech has worked with electric vehicles for decades, watching as popular commercial EVs were developed, then recalled when their legal mandate was overturned. He sees improved battery technologies as the catalyst to enable widespread acceptance of EVs. Peek under the hood and watch a test drive of his hot electric Porsche race car conversion (0-60 in less than 5 seconds!). Episode 52.


Peak Moment: An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability

10 Mar 2007 | |
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Tour Scott McGuire's White Sage Gardens in the back yard of his rental home -- a demonstration site for suburban sustainability. He ponders, "How might a household produce and preserve a significant portion of its own food supply?" Composting, a water-conserving greenhouse, and seed-saving are all facets of this beautiful work in progress. Episode 51.


Peak Moment: Land Trusts - Keeping Local Agriculture Alive

12 Feb 2007 | |
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Land trusts are an important part of the voluntary protection of working agricultural lands, which can also protect water quality, habitat, and beauty, not to mention food production expertise. Land trust veterans Cheryl Belcher and Dan Macon, himself a farmer, discuss the critical role of small scale food producers in the local economy and the challenges they face -- from misperceptions of farming to policies favoring big agriculture. Episode 50.

Peak Moment: Local Currencies: Replacing Scarcity with Trust

05 Feb 2007 | |
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Francis Ayley established over a dozen local currencies in the UK before moving to the U.S. He contrasts our standard, scarcity- and debt-based money system with local currencies in which "there's always as much as you need." Local currencies like his Fourth Corner Exchange issue money when members trade goods and services. Communities with local currencies will be less affected when recession or depression hits the mainstream economy. Episode 49.

Peak Moment: A Defining Moment in Human History

29 Jan 2007 | |
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The planet is rapidly confronting us with limits to the exploitative, dominator system of the past 5000 years. David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World, and more recently The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, implores us to replace the old dominator-control stories with new stories -- affirming life values of cooperation, community and interdependence. Episode 48.