Peak Moment: Peak Oil - Politics, Geopolitics, and Choke Points

27 Nov 2008 | |
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These four presentations were taped at the ASPO-USA 2008 conference. Morey Wolfson's GoogleEarth presentation zooms into global Choke Points, primarily in the middle east. Jeff Vail discusses geopolitical elements to energy limitations. Tom Whipple describes ASPO resources and current energy strains. Terry Backer explains how to get a peak oil resolution through a legislative body. Episode 137.

Scenario 2020: The Future of Food in Mendocino County

14 Nov 2008 |
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A presentation by Jason Bradford originally given to Leadership Mendocino, Nov. 14, 2008. Dr. Bradford presents as if from the year 2020 on the history of Mendocino county after an energy crisis, describing the rapid changes that followed.

Fireside Chat with Julian Darley

09 Oct 2008
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In this Sustainable Business Alliance speaker series, Julian Darley talks with Bay Area business owners about the impact Peak Oil is having on their business and community.

Sustainability and Resource Depletion: Survival Challenge for the 21st Century

02 Oct 2008
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Richard Heinberg identifies the essential axioms of sustainability and ties them to current economic trends such as the high and volatile prices of oil and other commodities. Species survival will require more than "Sustainability Lite," a vague commitment to more environmentally benign practices, but instead an all-encompassing effort to live within the ultimate resource limits of the planet.

San Francisco Peak Oil Town Hall Meeting: What's Happening With Oil?

04 Aug 2008 |
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The San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force is conducting a series of virtual town hall meetings from August 4 through August 20 to help educate the people of San Francisco on Peak Oil and how to prepare themselves and their city for it. This first meeting covered the introductory groundwork on Peak Oil.

Peak Oil and Energy Uncertainty: Challenges for Local Governments

12 Nov 2007 |
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Daniel Lerch, author of Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty, describes some of the short and long term challenges that peak oil will create for local governments. Peak oil will have very local repercussions, but prompt planning can take the edge off of some of the negative effects.

Gail Tverberg: The Expected Economic Impact of an Energy Downturn

10 Apr 2008
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Gail Tverberg is known on the website The Oil Drum as Gail the Actuary. She created this presentation for a public health program called "Converging Environmental Crises: A Teach-in on Energy, Climate Change, Water, Agriculture and Population." It explains the large economic changes that even a minor energy downturn could cause. Transcript available.

So, You Want to Be a Farmer?

11 Mar 2008 |
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Recorded at the 2008 annual conference of the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia, we hear segments from a workshop titled "Starting Your Organic Farm". Also featured is a short segment from a recent event titled, "Write to a Farmer Who Inspires You".

Deconstructing Dinner: Future of Food in the Kootenays Conference

10 Dec 2007
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In November 2007, Deconstructing Dinner attended one of the first regional food security conferences ever held in Canada. With a population of less than 10,000 people, the City of Nelson, British Columbia, hosted over 250 people for the first evening of keynote speakers. With an equally impressive 170 in attendance on the second day of keynote speakers and workshops, the conference acts as an example for other communities wishing to begin organizing themselves to take greater control over the food available to them.


Pathways to a low carbon future

03 Dec 2007 | |
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Tim Winton of The Permaforest Trust Centre for Sustainability Education in Australia explores Pathways to a Low Carbon Future.