Reality Report: Interview with Noah Raford

13 Jul 2009 |
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Noah Raford is an urban planner and the Director of Space Syntax Limited in North America. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and recently gave a talk at the London School of Economics titled "Collapse Dynamics: Phase Transitions in Complex Social Systems." This show discusses how complex social systems become inflexible, leading to their collapse, and what strategies individuals aware of collapse might use to cope.

Peak Moment: A Geodesic Greenhouse — Year-Round Gardening at 6000 Feet

13 Jul 2009 | |
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In Colorado it's cold for much of the year, but inside this cozy dome greenhouse, the plants are growing happily. Take a grand tour with Buckhorn Gardens manager and permaculturist Breigh Peterson: the greenhouse structure with its interplay of light and water, warmth and air; curving raised beds of vegetables and flowers; fish tanks moderating the temperature; vertical trellises and shelves to use vertical space. Outdoors a huge garden of row crops and a young orchard are complemented by free-roaming chickens and ducks. (

Crop to Cuisine: Local Food Resources

08 Jul 2009 |
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More and more people are becoming interested in the details of our food system. How crops are grown, where it comes from, the quality of animal treatment. But for most of us, it isn't always easy to access the information. Never fear, Crop To Cuisine is here. We feature a number of people doing the leg work and providing the resources so many of us need. Carol O'Meara provides us with words of wisdom when it comes to growing potatoes. Wendy White introduces the 25th annual Colorado Farm Fresh Directory. Jennifer Olson illustrates the important relationship between farmers and chefs through photography. And Anne Zander helps people preserve the harvest through the digital age.

C-Realm Podcast - Flashing Lights on the Console

05 Jul 2009 |
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KMO welcomes Albert K. Bates to the program and they sit down together for a chat with Richard Heinberg, author of Peak Everything. Albert admits that he's finding it hard to maintain his "soft lander" status in the face of mounting evidence, and Richard talks about the themes in his new book, Blackout: Coal, Climate and the last Energy Crisis.

Peak Moment: Permaculture for Humanity

23 Jun 2009 | |
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The future is abundant, asserts permaculture designer Larry Santoyo. His vision of living in the present provides a wonderful antidote to fear about uncertain futures. People need to rediscover that we're part of the ecosystem, and apply permaculture design principles to the many problems we face. Larry teaches sustainable permaculture design as a discovery of the world around us. He notes that trying to be self-sufficient is really anti-permaculture. Instead, we need to develop self-reliance skills. Then as we find others in our communities to interact with, everybody gets to play!

Deconstructing Dinner: Sailing Vegetables in Puget Sound /The Local Grain Revolution VIII: Sourdough Waffles

22 Jun 2009 |
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Part VII of The Local Grain Revolution series featured a full episode on the sailing of locally-grown grains from the Creston Valley of British Columbia to the City of Nelson. A fleet of four boats transported 5,000 pounds of the grains. Shortly after the grains were unloaded in Nelson, sailor Jay Blackmore embarked on another journey, however, this time, on-line. He was keen to find other intrepid communities who were too exploring the practice of sailing food...Dave spoke to Deconstructing Dinner over the phone and shared his exciting business model of a fossil-fuel free distribution system for zucchinis, tomatoes, and many other fresh vegetables.

Since March 2008, Deconstructing Dinner has featured The Local Grain Revolution - a series tracking the evolution of Canada's first community supported agriculture (CSA) project for grain. On this eighth episode, we listen in on a workshop hosted by a member of the CSA, Lorraine Carlstrom. Just as the project has already spawned involvement from many individuals and businesses in the region, Lorraine recognized yet another gap needing to be filled... education in the kitchen. When the 180 CSA members received their 80+lbs of whole grains in December 2008, many members were left wondering what to do with them. Lorraine stepped forward to offer classes to teach members how to use their grains. Among those offered, Deconstructing Dinner recorded one of her first... sourdough waffles.


Deconstructing Dinner: Sailing Grain (The Local Grain Revolution Part VII)

22 Jun 2009 |
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Since March 2008, The Local Grain Revolution series has been following the evolution of Canada's first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project for grain.

The project has inspired a wave of support from the communities of Nelson and Creston, including support from the Kootenay Lake Sailing Association. In September 2008, a group of sailors approached the CSA and offered to sail as much of the grain as they could from the Creston Valley to Nelson along Kootenay Lake. In less than a month, four sailboats had committed to the weekend excursion and Deconstructing Dinner's Jon Steinman joined the crew of the Kelpie so that listeners could, at the very least, take an audible part in the exciting fossil-fuel free mission.


Crop to Cuisine: Food & Wine Magazine Celebrates Sustainable Food in Aspen

18 Jun 2009 |
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Crop To Cuisine gives you the exclusive sneak peak into this years Aspen Food & Wine Classic. The festival has come to be a destination for some of the worlds most recognized celebrity chefs. And while these people have paved the way for a culture of food, we are drawing attention towards those in the industry that are working towards sustainable food & farming practices. You don't want to miss this episode of Crop To Cuisine. We hear from Chef Michel Nischan, a good friend of the late Paul Newman and the founder of the Wholesome Wave Foundation. We also speak with Peter Jacobsen. Peter has been a farmer in California's Napa Valley for over 28 years, and has worked closely with some of the worlds greatest chefs, including Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) and Michael Chiarello (Restaurant Bottega). Our guests also include a team of Colorado Chefs and Brewers, offering food, wine and beer pairings at the Aspen event, using almost entirely locally and sustainably grown products.

Reality Report: Michael Bomford Interview

16 Jun 2009 |
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What does a modern, productive food system without fossil fuels look like and how might we get there? In this episode of The Reality Report, host Jason Bradford speaks with Michael Bomford of Kentucky State University. Mike discusses his research on the energy and labor inputs of different farming methods and covers much of the information contained in the booklet “The Food and Farming Transition" co-authored with Richard Heinberg.

"Peru Oil Standoff" - Richard Heinberg interviewed on CBC The Current

12 Jun 2009 |
Richard Heinberg was interviewed on CBC radio in "Peru Oil Standoff", a segment of the CBC daily show The Current.