About GPM

Global Public Media has been formed to help existing public service information organizations, which include broadcasting, print and online media, give a broader, deeper and more interactive public information service. During Phase One we are developing and presenting in-depth interviews, & pilot radio and television sites and programmes in response to a wide range of topics and issues in the world.

General Introduction to GlobalPublicMedia

GIobalPublicMedia is part of a response to the difficulties that both public and profit-making news and other media have when trying to offer analysis and understanding which is not driven by the need to 'entertain', increase ratings, save money, make profit and satisfy shareholders.

In most English language media, especially broadcasting media, which are the chief sources of information about world politics and events, the above constraints generally mean avoiding complex issues or offering a very black and white, 'goodies versus baddies', view of the world. We believe that the world is clearly more complex than that, and that there are many awkward paradoxes and many contradictory beliefs about how life should be lived and resources shared.

One of the results of news and information media which are unable to examine issues in historical, philosophical, political and social context, is a citizenry severely lacking in the kinds of knowledge, understanding and thinking tools necessary to take an informed part in any kind of meaningful democracy, old or new. Democracy, though notoriously difficult to define either in theory or practice, does after all derive from demos - 'people' and krateein - 'to rule or govern', at least etymologically. Governing requires an ability to make decisions, to choose between complex, probably contradictory alternatives. Sometimes it is possible to create new alternatives, but that usually requires even more understanding and knowledge - and resources. Governing should not include aggression and violence. Democracy must proceed by peaceful means, allowing for differences, otherwise it will lack real authority and legitimacy. Discussion can be powerful - it doesn't have to be the empty words and 'unfunded mandates' (government actions which are not backed by the money or the will to enact them), which so many of us are all too accustomed to.

  • Global Public Media is part of the MetaFoundation's attempt to present complex, informed and dissenting points of view and offer ways of discussing difficult issues, paradoxes and differences, and share a broad range of knowledge and carefully thought-through opinions and views.
  • We began our public Internet Broadcasting Station ( in other words a streaming video and audio broadcast media server) in September 2001, after more than a year of testing.
  • We specialise in offering long format 'radio' and 'TV' interviews interviews in their entirety (though we do take out distracting 'ums' & 'ers'). We will be asking for comments and suggestions on these, so that future programming will reflect the needs and questions of those that use them.
  • We will create new programmes using our archive of in-depth, long format interviews & in the light of your direct comments and from the material in our global discussion servers.
  • We will also be encouraging those that can to set up their own Internet broadcasting stations, and develop their own knowledge sharing systems.
  • We will share our code and expertise on how to do this.
  • We intend our service (and similar public broadcasting services) to reach beyond the confines of the English language, as soon as, and as far as possible.
  • We are now finishing the initial stages of a series of knowledge sharing systems, which we will be previewing here and at other linked sites.